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  Welcome to The Arctic Inferno....the official fansite, website, and online portfolio of Dante (the model, actor, dancer, choreographer, and interior designer)!

Experience the sensation...
experience The Arctic Inferno!

  Height: 5’11
Weight: 170
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Age Range: 18-25
Shoe: 11
Shirt: 16/35
Pants: 31x32
Suit: 38R
  Dante, himself:

Dante's "People:" 
  Arctic Inferno [Ahrk ▪ tik In ▪ fur ▪ noh] -noun, -adj.
1. An extraordinary sensation with feelings of both hot and cold.
2. A state of being when one is overcome by extreme and intense sensations.
3. A person capable of sending shivers up/down spines while simultaneously seting them on fire.
-Synonyms: Dante
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